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What are AA Medallion (Sobriety Chips) Keychain Holders

Recovery medallions remind us of our commitment to staying sober. They can help to remind us to call our sponsor or our friends in recovery if we need support. Adding them to our keychain is one way to keep our recovery medallions close.
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18-month AA Sobriety Bronze Medallion Chips

Picking up AA coins celebrating 18 months of sobriety has significant meaning for recovering alcoholics and addicts. It represents hard work in the program, learning the principles of honesty and cleaning house, growing a connection to a Higher Power, and, above all else, giving hope to the newcomer. 
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The Yellow Sobriety Chip In Alcoholics Anonymous

AA sobriety chips, also known as sobriety tokens, are emblematic symbols of progress and commitment to addiction recovery. These small, round tokens, which resemble plastic poker chips, are passed out to AA members of the fellowship at various points along their recovery journey, helping them mark sobriety milestones such as 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc. On some sobriety chips, the serenity prayer is printed on one side.
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Is Acceptance the Big Answer

Acceptance is a topic that is frequently discussed in 12-step recovery meetings. Why? As humans, we can definitely say a common single defect of character is we want to control.

AA Sobriety Chips For Two Years (Alcoholics Anonymous)

In Alcoholics Anonymous, chips are given for years of sobriety. Depending on where you live, these AA medallions may be called a different name: sober medallion, AA chips, AA sobriety chips, or AA sobriety tokens, to name a few.

About Alcoholics Anonymous (Purpose Meetings Steps)

AA is a fellowship of men and women whose primary purpose is to help individuals achieve and maintain sobriety. They conduct meetings where they share their personal experiences and success stories. The idea is to provide a healthy and supportive environment for alcoholics that is conducive to their recovery and gives them a sense of belonging.
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34 Top Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Discussion Meeting Topics

Leading an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting? Wonder what topic to discuss? Whether you are leading your first meeting or your 100th, here's a quick guide to the Sober Speak Meeting Topics we like.

What Is a Sponsor for Addicts?

A sponsor is a guide, a mentor, and a friend. In those moments in recovery where you want that shot of bourbon or to snort a line if you and your sponsor have exchanged phone numbers, reach out to your sponsor. Better a phone call than a relapse.

Recovery AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Acronym List

Ever hear acronyms in an AA meeting and wonder what they mean? We have a list for you! Reference this AA acronym list anytime you need to find the meaning of what someone is talking about in a meeting.
Serenity Prayer

The Long Version of The Serenity Prayer

Every member of Alcoholics Anonymous knows the Serenity Prayer. Many know it is part of a longer prayer, but few have looked past the words in the short version we use in every meeting.
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AA Red Chips and Medallions (Yearly Recovery Milestone)

AA Chips or sobriety tokens are handed out at AA meetings to commemorate certain milestones in sobriety.
Big Book Promises With Every Step: (Alcoholics Anonymous)

Big Book Promises With Every Step: (Alcoholics Anonymous)

Alcoholics Anonymous is all about promises. Not all are stated directly. Some are implied but are still very real. They exist at each stage of the 12-step program, As AA members know, these promises are achievable.
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Step Prayers of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) for Recovery

The A.A. twelve steps are a spiritual program, and it is not surprising that it should involve prayer. Most of the prayers are not in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous but are rooted in the ideas and the words of the book. This article looks at the role of prayers along the path to sobriety and spiritual progress.
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Alcoholics Anonymous History – Who Founded AA? How Did It Begin?

It all started when two people, Bill Wilson, a New York stockbroker, and Dr. Robert Smith, a surgeon from Akron, OH, who were both battling alcoholism met for the first time.

How Long Are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings? FAQ’s and What to Expect

“How long does this thing last?” I hated the fact that I needed to be there and wanted to be away from the meeting as soon as possible.
How to Chair an AA Meeting and What to Expect

How To Chair An Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meeting and What to Expect

Are you about to chair an AA meeting and don’t know where to start? Perhaps this is your first time chairing a meeting, and you want to make sure it goes well?

How to Find a Sponsor In AA?

Step 6

What Is The Primary Purpose Of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)?

The primary purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous is to help people with a drinking problem. It’s as simple as that, and they suggest a simple spiritual program to help you get and stay sober.