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What is Body Checking? (Eating Disorders)

Body checking encompasses various activities related to obsessive thoughts about the body’s shape, body’s weight, and size.
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Clothing Fashion Brands with Mental Health Awareness

Fashion brands have evolved beyond mere apparel providers. They can now actively engage in raising awareness on essential social issues. Clothing is common to all genders and ages. So, if clothing brands take the initiative to talk about something, they are more likely to reach a wider audience.
Bible Verses for Trauma

Bible Verses For Healing Trauma (Comforting Scriptures)

Trauma manifests in various forms for different people. Bad experiences can affect us in different ways, impacting us emotionally, physically, financially, and beyond. The trauma that we suffer as a consequence of these experiences can often leave us distraught and hopeless. Such a state requires a source of comfort and peace that we can always turn to.

Empowering Body Dysmorphia and Body Image Quotes

Struggling with your body image is something everyone goes through at some point in their lives. According to research published by the National Institute Of Health, about 20-40% of women struggle with some form of dissatisfaction with their bodies. At the same time, 10-30% of men report to have similar struggles.

Intracacies of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD symptoms can vary widely among people, but there are a few commonalities you should be aware of; OCD typically involves specific patterns of obsessions and compulsions. You might be wondering, what exactly is an obsession and a compulsion? 
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Personality Disorder vs Mood Disorders (Key Differences)

Mood disorders and personality disorders are two distinct categories of mental health conditions that impact a person's life. While they have some common symptoms and characteristics, they are fundamentally different as to what causes them, how they present, and their treatment approaches.