overcoming addiction through god

Can You Overcome Addiction Through God?

Overcoming addiction through God sounds like a feat too big, even for our Higher Power. Yet, the good news is that the Bible shows us that God is powerful and can help us overcome addiction. The Holy Spirit weaves its way through daily life, and God's love is unconditional.
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Does Fasting Help To Overcome Food Addiction?

Food addiction affects millions of people around the world. Our society is full of trigger foods and addictive substances, making eating healthy extremely challenging.
writing your addiction story

Tips on Writing Your Own Addiction Recovery Story

As an addict who has achieved sobriety, you may be interested in sharing your addiction recovery story with others who have substance abuse problems. You have the unique opportunity to inspire and encourage those struggling with substance abuse. And you can do this by sharing your story.

Understanding the Underlying Root Causes of Addiction

Addiction is a complex, multifaceted condition that affects people who lose control of their actions. This highly complex disease can prevent someone from fully being present, ruin relationships, and end lives. Many people believe addicts lack willpower and can stop using on their own. They say, "If they only try hard enough, they could stop." Nothing could be further from the truth.
xanax addiction .25 addiction xanax Alprazolam

Xanax Addiction: Can you get addicted to .25 Xanax?

Today, we are going to explore if a .25 dose of Xanax is addictive. To answer this question, we will take a look at Xanax: why it is prescribed, the symptoms of Xanax addiction, how Xanax addiction is treated, and wrap up with, can I overdose on Xanax?
addiction cocaine symptoms stages

The Symptoms and Stages of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine abuse does not just happen in an instant. Cocaine users develop a chronic disease over time after using this addictive drug over and over again.
cross dependence cross addiction

What Do Cross Addiction and Cross Dependence Mean?

Substituting one addiction for another is known as cross addiction, cross dependence or addiction interaction discorder. It occurs when the substitute has more or less the same properties as the replaced addiction—a common example is unhealthy eating patterns that emerge when giving up alcohol.
sex addicts anonymous

Stages of Sexual Addiction: Breaking The Cycle

In this article, we will discuss the stages of sex addiction and learn how to break the continuous cycle of sexual addiction.
Binge Eating Disorder Cycle

Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Plan

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) significantly impacts an individual's physical and mental health. Recovery from BED demands a well-structured plan and consistency.
Suboxone vs Subutex Use During Pregnancy (Opioid Treatment)

Suboxone vs Subutex Use During Pregnancy (Opioid Treatment)

Subutex, or buprenorphine treatment, works by binding to opioid receptors in the brain, similar to other opioids. However, its unique property as a partial agonist means it produces a milder opioid effect, reducing the risk of opioid dependence. By stimulating some receptors and blocking others, Subutex helps alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery.
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How to Overcome Masturbation Addiction through Jesus Christ

With the advent of social media and easy access to explicit materials, single young and married men succumb to sexual urges and masturbation addiction. In this piece, we will break down these urges and the effects sexual immorality has on a faithful Christian life. 
porn addiction, pmo addiction, withdrawal symptoms, sexual dysfunction

Symptoms of PMO Addiction (Porn Masturbation Orgasm)

PMO refers to porn, masturbation, and orgasm. In the digital age with easy access, porn addiction, also known as PMO addiction, is emerging as a major problem. This problem appears to be affecting a significant number of individuals worldwide.

Love Addiction vs Love Avoidance (Relationship Addiction)

Love is in the air! Maybe not literally, but it is all around us. In the novels we read, the movies we watch, our favorite tv shows, and even the local newspaper with marriage announcement photos and “love is love” posters.
Emotional Sobriety Emotional Addiction Relationships

Can You Be Addicted to Emotional Pain?

Drug addiction is something concrete and physical. We have evidence of our substance abuse in the physical act of taking a drink, snorting a line, shooting up, or inhaling a substance.
Synthetic Marijuana

K2/Spice (Synthetic Marijuana) Addiction- Signs

K2 is a synthetic cannabinoid product consisting of a certain kind of plant material sprayed with a type of synthetic cannabinoid, which happens to be very similar to THC
stages of addiction

What Are The Stages of Addiction? (Recovery and Treatment)

A substance abuse disorder does not just happen in an instant. It is a chronic disease that develops over time and is not the first time someone uses addictive substances. There are various models of the different stages of drug addiction and alcohol abuse.