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Recovery AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Acronym List

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Recovery AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Acronym List

Have you ever heard acronyms in an AA meeting and wondered what they mean? We have a list for you!

HOW = Honest Open-mindedness; Willingness

ABC = Acceptance Belief Change = Accept Begin Continue

DETACH = Don’t Even Think About Changing Him / Her

HUGS = Hope Unity Gratitude Serenity

PUT = Practice Using Tolerance

AGO = Another Growth Opportunity

LET GO = Leave Everything To God Okay

GOD = Good Orderly Direction = God’s On Duty = Gift Of Desperation = Grow Or Die = Great Out Doors = Group Of Drunks

GIFT = God Is Forever There

CALM = Cause Anger Left Me

STEPS = Solution Through Each Powerful Step

STEP = Something That Enhances Peace

SLIP = Sobriety Loses Its Priority

PAUSE = Pay Attention Use Step Eleven = Patience And Understanding Succeed Everytime

PROGRAM = People Relying On God Relaying A Message

POP = Power Of Prayer

FROG = Fully/Forever Relying On God

WILLING = When I Live Life I Need God

PLOM = Poor Little Old Me

ESH = Experience Strength Hope

HJF = Happy Joyous Free

AAWOL = A A Way Of Life

ART = Always Remain Teachable

ISM = I Sabotage Myself = Incredibly Short Memory = In Side Me

GROWTH = God Reveals Other Ways To Heal

SOBER = Spiritually On Beam Everything’s Right = Son Of a Bitch Everything’s Real

NOW = No Other Way

CHANGED = Choosing Humility Allows New Growth Every Day = Choosing Honesty Allows New Growth Every Day

ANGER = Any New Grudge Endangers Recovery

TIME = This Is My Education = Things I Must Earn

GIFTS = Getting It From The Steps

WORK = What Our Recovery Knows

DENIAL = Didn’t/Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying = Don’t Even Notice It’s a Lie

HUMBLE = Honest Unassuming Mindful Believing Loving Encouraging

WISDOM = When Into Self Discover Our Motives

SHAME = Should Have Already Mastered Everything

PAID = Pitiful And Incomprehensible Demoralization

HELP = His Ever-Loving Presence = Hope Encouragement Love Patience

LOVE = Leave Out Violent Emotion = Let Others Voluntarily Evolve = Living Our Values Everyday

PROGRESS = Prayers Release Our Gradiences Resentments Envy Selfishness & Self-centeredness

JADE = Justify Argue Defend or Explain

BEST = Been Enjoying Sobriety Today

BIG BOOK = Believing In God Beats Our Old Knowledge

TUFF = Tolerance Understanding Forgiveness Forgetting

WASP = Worry Anger Self Pity

HOLD = Helping Others Live Daily

HEAL = Helping Every Alcoholic Live

HALT = Hungry Angry Lonely Tired = Have A Laugh Today

AA = All Accepted = Altered Attitudes = Always Available/Aware = Absolute Abstinence = Attitude Adjustment = Answers Available = Avoid Anger = Amazing Adventure = Alcoholics Answer = Acknowledge Acceptance = Accountable Actions

STAR = Start Talking About Recovery

KISS = Keeping It Simple Spiritually = Keep It Serenely Simple = Keep It Simple Surrender

BATH = Behavior Attitude Thinking Habits

HOPE = Hearing Other Peoples/Persons Experience = Hold On Possibilities Exist = Happy Our Program Exists = Hang On Peace Exists = Hold On Pain Ends

ASAP = Always Say A Prayer

ACTION = Any Change To Improve Our/Ones Nature

THINK = Thoughtful Honest Intelligence Nice Kind – Thank Heavens I Now Know

PRIDE = Personal Recovery Involves Deflating Ego = Pretty Ridiculous Individuals Directing Everything

FAITH = Forwarding All Issues To Him/Heaven = Facing All Intuitively Trusting Him = Further/Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him = Found Always In Trusting Him = For All I Trust Him = Facing An Inner Truth Heals = Fear And Insecurity? Trust Him = Forget Answers Instead Trust Him

PUSH = Pray Until Something Happens

ALCOHOLICS = A Life Consisting Of Helping Others Living In Constant/Continuous/Complete Sobriety

NUTS = Not Using The Steps

DEAD = Drinking Ends All Dreams

FREE = Fortunately Recovery Enhances Everything

FEAR = Forget Everything And Run = Forgetting Everything’s All Right = Face Everything And Recover = False Evidence Appearing Real = Frustration Ego Anger Resentment = Frantic Efforts at Avoiding Responsibilities = For Ever Arrive Rejoicing = Fighting Ego Against Reality = Fear/Failure Expressed Allows Relief

SWAT = Surrender Willing Action/Acceptance Trust

CHAOS = Can’t Handle Another Overwhelming Situation = Creating Havoc Around Our Selves

YANA = You Are Not Alone

SOBRIETY = Staying Off Booze Recovery Is Everything To You

NEW = Nothing Else Worked

SPONSOR = Sober Person Offering Newcomers Suggests On Recovery

WHO = Willing Honest Open-mindedness

WOW = Willingness Over Willpower

BUT = Being Unconvinced Totally

PRAYER = Praying Regularly Aids/Allows/Assists Your Expanding/Everyday/Ever growing Recovery

ALE = Alibis Lies Excuses

TRUST = Try Relying Upon Steps & Traditions

AA R US = Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Unity Service

HEARTS = Helping Each Alcoholic Reach Their Sobriety

HEART = Healing Enjoying And Recovering Together

NEW = Nothing Else Worked

HEAR = Hope Experience Acceptance Recovery

STOP = Sobriety Tops Our Priorities

STORM = Surrender Transparency Obedience Revelation Move

ACT = Action Changes Things

HJF = Happy Joyous Free

About the author
Shannon M
Shannon M's extensive experience in addiction recovery spans several decades. Her journey started at a young age when she attended treatment aftercare sessions for a family member and joined Alateen meetings, a support group for young people affected by a loved one's addiction. In 1994, Shannon personally experienced the challenges of addiction and took the courageous step of joining Alcoholics Anonymous. This experience gave her a unique perspective on the addiction recovery process, which would prove invaluable in her future work. Shannon's passion for helping others navigate the complexities of addiction led her to pursue a degree in English with a minor in Substance Abuse Studies from Texas Tech University. She completed her degree in 1996, equipping her with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide compassionate and effective support to those struggling with addiction.