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al-anon meeting topics

22 Top Al-Anon Family Group (AFG) Suggested Meeting Topics

Are you leading an Al-Anon meeting soon or for the first time? Are you looking for topics to discuss? We've got you covered. Below are the Meeting Topics we like. Of course, there are many more; these are just a few we love to hear about.

Al-Anon Just For Tonight And Just For Today

Al-Anon Family Groups is a support group for relatives of alcoholics to share their experiences and find hope in a safe environment. Alcoholism is a family disease and Al-Anon helps families recover.
al-anon fourth step

Al-Anon Fourth Step Inventory Worksheet

To begin your fourth step, find a quiet place where you can concentrate and have an open mind. It is important to have a support system during the fourth step. Be it a sponsor, step study group, or a close friend, you'll need someone to lean on during this time. There are a few ways to begin your honest inventory. You can begin by praying to your Higher Power, calling a friend and praying together, going for a short walk and listening to soft music, lighting a candle, and meditating. Do whatever is needed to clear your mind.

Al-Anon Step One (Recovery Work)

We are filled with despair and hopelessness when we first come to Al-Anon meetings. Some of us come because we want to learn how to teach our family members to stop drinking. We are looking for a quick fix.
Al-anon 12 steps

What are the 12 Steps of Al-anon Family Groups?

Al-Anon was created to support family members of alcoholics. One of the tragedies of alcoholism is that it is not only the alcoholic’s life that becomes unmanageable but the lives of the families of alcoholics as well.

How to Help an Alcoholic Spouse With An Addiction

For the spouse of the person with a drinking problem, the answer to the question of how to help their spouse is paradoxical and counterintuitive. The partner helps best by doing nothing at all until the one with the drinking habit is ready to move on from their alcohol dependence.