Is Meditation Good for Alcoholics?

The word ‘meditation’ is mentioned 37 times in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is also specifically called out in Step 11. However, many AA members struggle to embrace the concept of meditation.
sober living homes

Find the Best Sober Living Homes For Recovery

Sober living homes are homes for multiple people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. The transition to sober life can be challenging, especially when someone is new to it or has just been released from treatment.
top Bible verses addiction

What Does the Bible Say About Addiction (Top Verses)

Ever wonder what the Bible says about drug addiction?  The good news is that the Bible can be a resource for support groups, drug users, and treatment programs.
writing your addiction story

Tips on Writing Your Own Addiction Recovery Story

As an addict who has achieved sobriety, you may be interested in sharing your addiction recovery story with others who have substance abuse problems. You have the unique opportunity to inspire and encourage those struggling with substance abuse. And you can do this by sharing your story.
sober friends rehab

Tips For Finding And Making Sober Friends After Rehab

Overcoming addiction can be a difficult journey, with many challenges along the way. A solid support network makes this positive step in life a little easier. Now that you’ve made this change and are out of rehab, you’re probably wondering, “Where can I meet sober people?”

Sober Party Ideas to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

As a sober person, how do you celebrate your 21st birthday while keeping your sobriety? Thankfully, a 21st bash does not need to be centered around alcohol.
Meditation Symbols

Meditation Symbols: Spiritual Meaning For Your Yoga Routine

Meditation is the practice of quieting our minds and accessing our energy centers. There are many different paths to reaching a meditative state. To help get us to that quiet place, some use everyday items like stones, images, and symbols.
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Best Sober Vacation Ideas and Destinations (Alcohol-free)

Alcohol-free vacations can do wonders for your mental health. But how easy is it to stay sober when you are on vacation with your party mode on? It's easy, and you can achieve this goal by choosing a sober vacation destination.
Symbols of Recovery Alcoholics Anonymous SoberSpeak

Powerful Symbols & Tattoos to Celebrate Recovery

For many people who are or have been on the path to sobriety, tattoos serve as powerful representations of their successes. They serve as a reminder of a person’s commitment to a life free from addiction.
naranon meeting 12 step narcotics anonymous soberspeak

Nar-Anon Quotes & Slogans for Family of Addicts

One such example is Nar-Anon meetings and the words resonating from Nar-Anon family groups. These words act like a faithful hand guiding individuals through these challenging times. These simple phrases, found within the Nar-Anon Blue Book, often provide inexpressible comfort to those seeking solace amidst the chaos of addiction's impact on their lives.
Acceptance alcoholics anonymous aa

Acceptance Printable Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

The “Acceptance” passage quoted below originally appeared in the third edition of the Big Book under the story header “Doctor, Alcoholic Addict.” When reprinted in the 4th Edition of the Big Book, perhaps because of how often it was quoted, the whole story was re-titled “Acceptance is the Answer.”

Best Retreats for Family Therapy Vacations

Family vacations allow loved ones to reconnect and spend time together. It takes them away from the hustle of work, routine, and chores and brings them together in a place meant for relaxation and rekindling.
AA Sobriety Coins Sober Chips Birthday

24-Hour Sobriety Chip in Alcoholics Anonymous

Receiving this sobriety token, or desire chip, serves as a daily reminder of the promise you made to reclaim your life and make better choices, one day at a time. And if you have accomplished that, even for a short period of time, for now, you should know you have what it takes to keep going!
Prayers for Addiction Catholic Church SoberSpeak

Prayers for Addiction and Recovery (Catholic Spirituality)

Catholics believe that Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, became man to accompany us humans in every single human experience to the point of experiencing even the agony of torture and death.
laundry list acoa children alcoholics

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA & ACA) Laundry List Listener Story

I first entered a room of recovery in the 1980s through a door marked “Al-Anon Meeting” that was in a huge AA 24-hour club outside of Houston, Texas. I attended every week—as ordered by my sponsor—for months.

Celebrate Your Sobriety Anniversary with a Party

A sober milestone commemorates how much time has passed between the present moment and the date of the addict’s last drug or the alcoholic’s last drink of alcoholic beverages. In reality, we celebrate a new sober milestone on a daily basis when we wake up sober.

Best Crystals For Addiction (Healing and Recovery Help)

For those of us who have experienced the powerfully repetitive negative energy that surrounds and permeates addiction (whether its alcohol addiction, food addiction, drug addiction, other substance abuse additions, or sex addiction), it is easy to lose faith in regular medical care, holistic therapies, support groups, addiction recovery, treatment programs, professional help, and other new opportunities that seem to come out every week advertising new recovery methods.

Sober Cruise Vacations for Sober Singles (Alcohol-Free)

Travelers all across the world enjoy going on cruises. Millions book cruises each year. So what happens if you're sober from alcohol and want to go on a cruise where it's typically free to drink any alcoholic drink you wish?
Sober Living

How To Enjoy Living a Sober Life

Sobriety can feel absolutely frightening. It can also be a challenge in those first days of recovery. In today's culture, it feels like not drinking means being alone and dull. I remember in early sobriety, and I thought all my fun was over! Being sober was lame. I was a bore now.
gift for sober person celebrating

Sobriety Anniversary Wishes for Cards and Gifts

If you have a friend or family member celebrating a sobriety anniversary, you might not know what to say to them or if you should give them a gift. Do you know where they celebrate their sober birthday in their addiction recovery program?

30 Day (1 Month) Sobriety Chip (Coins) in Alcoholics Anonymous

The 30 day sobriety chip can be confusing. That first month sober, our brains are just getting de-fogged and healing from months or years of foreign substances.
sober speak podcast jim addict alcoholic sober God exodus house

A Way Out

My name is Jim, and I am an addict and an alcoholic. I am no longer in active addiction. I have reformed my life and have become a better version of myself, how I would believe my higher power would like me to be.

41 Top Sober Date Ideas for Those that Don’t Drink Alcohol

The challenges of dating without a glass of wine need not defy what our idea of a good time is. Here we look at great ways of sober dating. Whether it is a first date, a second date, or a date night for a long-married couple here is a great list of date ideas that are also alcohol-free dates.
32 Top Bible Verses about Recovery and Alcohol Abuse (Addiction)

32 Top Bible Verses about Recovery and Alcohol Abuse (Addiction)

Without any disrespect intended to any other faiths or any specific understanding of a Higher Power here are some verses from the Bible that may be of benefit to those suffering from alcohol addiction. God’s word can bring solace to the Christian but can also be valuable to those of a different faith. All quotes are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

24 Best Movies About Alcoholism

There is something cathartic about watching movies about drinkers. It speaks to us of our past and provides a window into how far we have come. What are the best films? Here is our list and a warning for spoiler alerts. We have included the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) rating for each film.
sober bachellorlette party ideas

Sober Bachelorette Party Ideas (Awesome Fun Without Alcohol)

There are many reasons to have an alcohol-free bachelorette party. These range from respect for religious choice to in our case avoiding substance abuse. So, let’s imagine that you are organizing a party for your best friend who is a sober person and look at some great ideas for the special day.
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It’s 8 miles in the Woods, and it’s 8 Miles Out!

After all, it was never about me and my will in the first place. It was all about the relationship between me and God. It just took a lot of life to understand this simple truth!
best songs for addiction sobriety recovery

25 Best Songs about Sobriety and Addiction Recovery

Songs about substance abuse disorders and recovery are fantastic gifts. For those of us who have the diseases of alcohol addiction and /or drug addiction, they are stories that show someone gets us.
Inspiring And Powerful Quotes For Those Who Love Recovering Alcoholics And Addicts

Inspiring And Powerful Quotes For Those Who Love Recovering Alcoholics And Addicts

If you are stuck in active addiction and have tried everything but a 12-step program, try it out for yourself. We do recover.
Spiritual Awakening

Principles of Alcoholics Anonymous

Over the years, I have read the references to the principles in the Big Book and heard the 12 Traditions read aloud at the beginning of meetings, but I was perplexed by not seeing a stated list of any 12 spiritual principles in the literature or on the walls of A.A. meeting rooms.

Best Books On Meditation And Mindfulness

Meditation is a daily practice for Buddhists and is linked to their spiritual lives, but in recent years, alternative practitioners in the Western world have adopted meditative practices such as mindfulness.
recovery books sober speak podcast aa alcoholics anonymous Bible spirtuality

17 Best Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Books

Over the years, I have referenced many books on sobriety, and I’d like to share with you some of my favorites.

The Center of Alcoholics Anonymous

From my earliest days in A.A., I have enjoyed listening to alcoholics tell their stories. Back in October of 1989, I attended a young people’s conference in Arkansas. I was less than a week sober and had been attending meetings around Fayetteville, Arkansas for three or four months. I listened to every story that weekend and was hooked from then on.

Am I Powerless Over Alcohol?

In beginning this journey of sharing my thoughts on Sober Speak episodes, I went back through the shows, trying to recall which guest speakers resonated with me the most. I haven’t heard all the shows, nor all the speakers. But the dozens of speakers that I have heard were all amazing.

Do Not Be Discouraged- Brenda J

We all, each of us alcoholics, reach a point where we need just one thing. HOPE. We need to know there is another way than the despair and isolation and fear of sitting with that drink.
Get in the Car #Getinthecar Alcoholics Anonymous

Get in the Car #Getinthecar Alcoholics Anonymous

As the saying goes, “identify, don’t compare.” I identified so much with Jenny L. and her early years about why she drank, “I don’t feel good enough, smart enough, pretty enough.” That was me and that is why I drank too.

Steps 10 & 11 of Alcoholics Anonymous

Matthew M is one of my all-time favorite speakers on The Pod. He has an incredible ability to tell stories that deeply touch my soul. This episode, like his previous one, was no exception. I was blown away.

Comments on Bill C Podcast: Steps 1,2, and 3 of Alcoholics Anonymous

Bill C is one of those gems in Alcoholics Anonymous, the kind that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. The longer sober I am, the more I love those gems. Most often they are at meetings, just a part of the meeting, and when outside of the AA meeting, in their personal life, they just quietly get on with life.