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Achieving Long-Term Sobriety: The Benefits of Alcohol Monitoring Technology

Alcohol monitoring technology plays a crucial role in ensuring individuals remain sober, particularly during the early stages of recovery when the risk of relapse is high.

Is Meditation Good for Alcoholics?

The word ‘meditation’ is mentioned 37 times in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is also specifically called out in Step 11. However, many AA members struggle to embrace the concept of meditation.
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How Soberlink Proves Sobriety and Enforces Accountability in Recovery

Soberlink is a type of breathalyzer test that can play a pivotal role both at home and in court cases in families with a history of alcohol abuse. Family law cases across the United States now use Soberlink devices in family courts to show sobriety stats for their clients. For an alcoholic, Soberlink works as an accountability tool.
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What is the Difference Between Being Sober vs Drunk

As we talk about sobriety in the face of rising addiction problems, it is important to understand why addiction is detrimental to one’s daily life. This understanding can help us invest more time in healthy habits, away from the world of substance abuse.
Can sober alcoholics drink non-alcoholic beer?

Can Sober Alcoholics Drink Non-alcoholic Beer?

As more and more non-alcoholic beverage options hit the market in recent years and advertising on social media seems to be multiplying images of bottles of non-alcoholic beer, those with alcohol addiction are asking themselves whether it is a good idea to sip these nonalcoholic drinks in social situations or whether the best thing would be to abstain completely from such drinks.
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How Long Until I’m Sober

We know that hundreds of thousands of people in the United States came into the New Year just like they do any other New Year – with their hands around a glass bottle during a night of heavy drinking, and never the wiser that they may have an alcohol addiction.
How Does Alcohol Abuse Differ From Alcoholism?

How Does Alcohol Abuse Differ From Alcoholism?

There is a fine–and not-so-fine–line between alcohol dependence (or “alcoholism” or “alcohol abuse”) and heavy drinking or excessive alcohol consumption. For those of us wondering whether we have a drinking problem, it is hard to distinguish whether our binge drinking–which is often culturally celebrated and acceptable in the United States–is evidence of alcohol misuse or just good American fun.
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How Long Does it Take to Sober Up From Alcohol?

The different factors that determine how long alcohol will stay in your system include: Individual’s age Individual’s weight What they’ve ingested Medications they have taken, and The overall health of the individual’s liver
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What is a High Functioning Alcoholic? (Signs Treatment Warnings)

If you have ever heard of a functional alcoholic, then you might be left wondering what it means. We think of an alcoholic as someone who has totally lost control of their life. They’ve probably lost their job or family members. So, how can we have a term that calls an alcoholic functional? What an oxymoron, right?
Serenity Prayer

The Long Version of The Serenity Prayer

Every member of Alcoholics Anonymous knows the Serenity Prayer. Many know it is part of a longer prayer, but few have looked past the words in the short version we use in every meeting.
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26 Underage Alcohol Drinking Statistics, Facts, and Trends

Underage drinking is defined as drinking by those under the legal drinking age of 21 in the United States. Recent data do show that this is on the decline, but it does remain an issue of concern as young people who drink are more likely to develop alcohol problems in adulthood. There is also the issue of the effect of alcohol on developing brains.

51 United States Alcohol and Alcoholism Statistics (2022)

Alcohol abuse and alcohol use disorder is widely studied and recorded in the United States This article looks at the broad picture of alcoholism in the country. In other posts, we drill down on specific elements of the issue in relation to various groups and other areas of alcoholism and recovery.
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25 Best Songs about Sobriety and Addiction Recovery

Songs about substance abuse disorders and recovery are fantastic gifts. For those of us who have the diseases of alcohol addiction and /or drug addiction, they are stories that show someone gets us.
What happens in an AA meeting

What Happens At An AA Meeting?

AA meetings are typically located in community centers, an extended building of church, or other buildings across the world. There will be a room where the meeting is held, usually with chairs or couches for meeting participants to sit.