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Best Sober Vacation Ideas and Destinations (Alcohol-free)

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Alcohol-free vacations can do wonders for your mental health. But how easy is it to stay sober when you are on vacation with your party mode on? It’s easy, and you can achieve this goal by choosing a sober vacation destination.

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There are many sober vacation ideas you can explore. These ideas are tried and tested by a great many sober travelers. So, you should be able to have a great time on your sober vacation without losing sight of your sobriety. And because there is a variety of vacation ideas, you can choose easily.

Sober travels are transformative; it’s time we rise above the crazy hangovers, throw up in bars, lose who we are in alcohol, and explore new ideas. From calming yoga trips to long and strenuous hikes to breathtaking cruises, there are plenty of choices for an alcohol-free getaway. Check out these ideas, sober travel destinations, and plan your vacation accordingly.

Here are some of the best sober travel ideas that you will love.

Plan a Camping Trip 

    A hike, a camping trip, and the great outdoors make some of the best sober vacations. National Parks are ideal for camping and hiking trips, especially if you like exploring new places. An invigorating camping experience or hiking trail will get you closer to nature, help you see life’s beauty and help you see the beauty of life and enjoy many outdoor activities. You can even invite a sibling or your support group friends to accompany you. Nature is so intoxicating that you will hardly miss the alcohol.

    Rent a Beach House

      Summer beach trips = parties and booze, but that’s no reason to avoid the beach. There are plenty of family vacation spots if you yearn to visit the beach but want to avoid parties and drunk crowds. A beach trip without alcohol is also a cute getaway for family and kids. The saltwater air, the blue waters, and the sound of the waves make the beach the most beautiful place to enjoy spending time with others and reconnecting. 

      Explore an International Sober Vacation 

        You can even take an international sober trip alone, with family, or with your support group. We shall discuss things to take care of for a successful international trip later in the blog, along with the best sober vacation destinations. Exploring a sober vacation abroad is an excellent idea and a great option.

        Take a Road Trip

          A long road trip is an opportunity to explore new places. The United States offers an abundance of beautiful destinations. Gather some sober friends and pick out some of the most beautiful places to drive. Whether you choose the mountains of Colorado and Montana or the East Coast, there are many new things and natural wonders to explore.

          Go on a Sober Cruise

            Let’s get you out on the sea; a sober cruise is the idea you need. Sober cruises make excellent sober vacation ideas. On board many cruises, you will find recovery meetings and meet new friends in recovery. We have an article to give you more information on Sober Cruise vacations

            Plan a Staycation 

              A staycation is an excellent way to save money.  You can plan fun things around town, such as visiting local museums, staying in a local hotel, and eating at restaurants you don’t usually visit. Get up early and attend local yoga or meditation classes.  Spend time at a local coffee shop.  Staycations are usually easy to plan if you live in a larger metropolitan area.

              How Do You Choose the Best Destination for Staying Sober?

              Decide what type of getaway you want. Below are three types of vacation destinations that offer relaxing and fun activities.

              1. Island Getaways: Beautiful beaches and blue waters create a relaxing environment.
              2. Educational Getaways: If you are an intellectual who enjoys art, history, and such, an educational getaway is all you need to refresh your mind, body, and soul.
              3. Meditative and Relaxing Getaways: For a calmer experience connecting you to your inner self, yoga retreats and spa treatments are a good idea.

              Top Destinations For A Sober Vacation:

              Now, as promised, here are our top sober vacation destinations.


              Vikara Wellness Retreats located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has created sober retreats rooted in holistic wellness, because they know how important it is to support someone who is going through deep transformation, but feels stuck.

              Many people still haven’t been taught the necessary tools needed to maintain long-term sobriety or healthy habits, like how to use yoga & meditation as a tool towards self-awareness, how to balance our mind & emotions through somatic-based practices in nervous system regulation, ways in which nutrition can reduce unhealthy cravings, how to build new healthy habits, expand mindfulness, and nurture or create new social circles. Their holistic wellness retreats are focused in guiding & supporting you to develop yourself deeper in each of those areas.

              Mexico Sober retreat offerings & dates can be found here:

              Sri Lanka

                It’s in Sri Lankan culture to abstain from drinking because it’s a Muslim country, and this makes it the best place for a sober vacation. Places with a large population that doesn’t drink are the perfect getaway for sober people battling alcohol addiction. Apart from that, Sri Lanka is an excellent place for a family vacation. 

                Costa Rica

                  Costa Rica is one of the best places for alcoholics to enjoy a sober vacation. It has a variety of resorts, yoga retreats, and SPA retreats that will not only keep you from alcohol but also give you some pleasant self-care. 


                    Morocco is another Muslim country with a rich history and an even more prosperous heritage that you can explore. The consumption of alcohol isn’t the norm in Muslim countries, which makes them the perfect locations for a sober vacation. You will be able to find meditation retreats and inclusive resorts in Morocco.


                      Malaysia is the land of food, beaches, and sober activities. Being a Muslim country, you will have a hard time finding alcohol. Yes, there are clubs and casinos, but on the whole, abstaining from alcohol is relatively easy in Malaysia; enjoy the local cuisine instead. You can also explore the local culture, meet new people, and focus on your physical health while on sober vacations. 


                        Are you an early morning riser? Peru offers early tour groups that leave at dawn to enjoy the wonders of Machu Picchu and the Andes. You can also enjoy non-alcoholic drinks such as indigenous herbal/fruit teas and chichas made from delicate fruits instead of alcohol. 


                          The Maldives is the ultimate paradise destination we all dream of visiting. The Maldives is renowned for its spectacular beaches and luxurious hotels. Maldives trips usually start and end in the capital, Male, where you can board a water plane or speedboat to head to your island getaway. The resort packages guarantee an incredibly special vacation, so you can choose barefoot luxury, all-out glamor, family-friendly fun, or another version of bliss.

                          Los Angeles

                            Los Angeles sunny weather and glamorous reputation make it an ideal getaway destination. While there, you can visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Dolby Theater. The nearby mountains offer rock climbing and hiking.  You can also take Hollywood tours and theme parks to enjoy with your family.

                            Orlando, Florida

                              Orlando offers family-friendly attractions and entertainment, and as the theme park capital of the world, there’s plenty to do. You can visit Walt Disney World, MGM Studios, Amway Center, Camping World Stadium and Mall at Millenia are just a few of the many attractions worth checking out during your trip to Orlando.

                              Tips To Make Your Sober Vacation Go Smooth:

                              Depending on your recovery journey, here are some tips that might help you make your sober getaway enjoyable. 

                              • Book your deals as early as possible and stay clear of the tourist seasons; a sober vacation may be more enjoyable during the calmer season. 
                              • Do your research. Once you have chosen your destination, do a little research. Plan, check out activities and select a few you would love to do.
                              • Stay in touch with your recovery community and support groups while on your sober travel. Regular check-ins will keep you accountable.
                              • Research and get the contact details of the Alcoholics Anonymous support group at your destination. Attending a couple of meetings while on vacation can be fun. 

                              Your alcohol-free trip will help you put more emphasis on your physical health and also inspire you to stay sober and enjoy life. Whether you choose a beach destination or create a fun staycation, we hope you find some great ideas for your next sober vacation.

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