Al-Anon Just For Tonight And Just For Today

Al-Anon Family Groups is a support group for relatives of alcoholics to share their experiences and find hope in a safe environment. Alcoholism is a family disease and Al-Anon helps families recover.

Leaving A Drug Addict Boyfriend

Drug Addict Girlfriend Boyfriend

Living with a drug addict boyfriend can be daunting and emotionally draining. Especially when you have no experience dealing with substance use disorder and addictive behavior.

How To Enjoy Living a Sober Life

Sober Living

Sobriety can feel absolutely frightening. It can also be a challenge in those first days of recovery. In today’s culture, it feels like not drinking means being alone and dull. I remember in early sobriety, and I thought all my fun was over! Being sober was lame. I was a bore now.

41 Top Sober Date Ideas for Those that Don’t Drink Alcohol

The challenges of dating without a glass of wine need not defy what our idea of a good time is. Here we look at great ways of sober dating. Whether it is a first date, a second date, or a date night for a long-married couple here is a great list of date ideas that are also alcohol-free dates.

What is a High Functioning Alcoholic? (Signs Treatment Warnings)

high functioning alcoholic

If you have ever heard of a functional alcoholic, then you might be left wondering what it means. We think of an alcoholic as someone who has totally lost control of their life. They’ve probably lost their job or family members. So, how can we have a term that calls an alcoholic functional? What an oxymoron, right?

24 Best Movies About Alcoholism

There is something cathartic about watching movies about drinkers. It speaks to us of our past and provides a window into how far we have come. What are the best films? Here is our list and a warning for spoiler alerts. We have included the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) rating for each film.

What are the 12 Steps of Al-anon Family Groups?

Al-anon 12 steps

Al-Anon was created to support family members of alcoholics. One of the tragedies of alcoholism is that it is not only the alcoholic’s life that becomes unmanageable but the lives of the families of alcoholics as well.