AA Meetings

Step Twelve (12) of AA Worksheet

AA step 12 helping others

The twelfth step of Alcoholics Anonymous is based on carrying the message to other suffering alcoholics after experiencing a spiritual awakening. Step 12 can only be accomplished once we have worked steps 1 – 11 with a sponsor or recovering group of alcoholics. 

About Alcoholics Anonymous (Purpose Meetings Steps)

AA is a fellowship of men and women whose primary purpose is to help individuals achieve and maintain sobriety. They conduct meetings where they share their personal experiences and success stories. The idea is to provide a healthy and supportive environment for alcoholics that is conducive to their recovery and gives them a sense of belonging.

How To Enjoy Living a Sober Life

Sober Living

Sobriety can feel absolutely frightening. It can also be a challenge in those first days of recovery. In today’s culture, it feels like not drinking means being alone and dull. I remember in early sobriety, and I thought all my fun was over! Being sober was lame. I was a bore now.

Sobriety Anniversary Wishes for Cards and Gifts

gift for sober person celebrating

If you have a friend or family member celebrating a sobriety anniversary, you might not know what to say to them or if you should give them a gift. Do you know where they celebrate their sober birthday in their addiction recovery program?

What Happens At An AA Meeting?

What happens in an AA meeting

AA meetings are typically located in community centers, an extended building of church, or other buildings across the world. There will be a room where the meeting is held, usually with chairs or couches for meeting participants to sit.