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Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA & ACA) Laundry List Listener Story

I first entered a room of recovery in the 1980s through a door marked “Al-Anon Meeting” that was in a huge AA 24-hour club outside of Houston, Texas. I attended every week—as ordered by my sponsor—for months.

30 Day (1 Month) Sobriety Chip (Coins) in Alcoholics Anonymous

The 30 day sobriety chip can be confusing. That first month sober, our brains are just getting de-fogged and healing from months or years of foreign substances.
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A Way Out

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Is Meditation Good for Alcoholics?

The word ‘meditation’ is mentioned 37 times in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is also specifically called out in Step 11. However, many AA members struggle to embrace the concept of meditation.