60-John S- AA Beyond Belief- Atheism in Alcoholics Anonymous

Episode 60

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This link is to John S’s version of “How It Works” http://weagnosticsaa.org/how-it-works-2-0/

This link is to John S.’s version of “We Agnostics” http://weagnosticsaa.org/atheist-big-book-study-we-agnostics-as-it-could-have-been-written/

This link is a short primer on  how John S approaches the program today: http://secularaakansascity.org/a-primer-for-a-secular-aa-program/

This link is to AA Beyond Belief: https://aabeyondbelief.org/

This link is to AA Agnostica. The person who created this site is a good friend of John S’s who encouraged him to start AA Beyond Belief: https://aabeyondbelief.org/

This is a link to a listing of secular AA meetings from all over the world: https://secularaa.org/tsml_meeting/